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                        "WALK FOR THE WORLD" Annually On U.N. Peace Day Sept 21st

                          Healing the Earth - Ourselves - Prospering Together 

                            Organize A "Walk For The World" in your community!

Walk together worldwide annually to focus on peaceful solutions to world problems.

Have each walk end with a rally in a venue where speakers can share about environmental protection,

providing equality to all, human rights issues and animal rights etc. 


The world is increasingly interconnected but 1% of people are taking the rights, power and the economic strength from 99% of the people.

This is an opportunity for people in the global village worldwide to come together, be empowered and be heard. 

There are thousands of efforts worldwide supporting values that are vital for improving the world and are in alignment with each other.

Joining together on one day will create a powerful platform showcasing the positive and meaningful steps being taken towards a better

world by many divergent organisations, government bodies, groups, corporations, and individuals that are active in healing the ills of the world. 

Have annual “Walk For The World” coincide and be in conjunction with the International Day of Peace ( Peace Day) on Sept. 21st.

The UN includes 193 countries and the profile of Peace Day grows each year and the intent and values of the UN are those most

people share and aspire to...peace and security, climate change, sustainable development, human rights, disarmament,

humanitarian care, gender equality, governance, food production etc. 

The intention of “Walk For The World” is to create more equality, respect, and understanding for: 
• All people on the earth 
• All living things 
• The earth itself 


Walk For The World / Peace Week Celebration" Concept....

Every four years have a host nation celebrate "Walk For The World" for a weeklong  "World Peace Celebration."

A "World Peace Celebration" done on the scale like the Olympics with the intent to unite the world

to celebrate peaceful solutions to world problems. Have it coincide with U.N. Peace Day and have a massive

"Walk For The World" in the host country in conjunction with worldwide "walks."


"Walk For The World" can include satellite broadcasts worldwide of highlights of the celebrations around the world.

There can be awards ceremonies honouring those individuals, groups, corporations, organisations, and nations

that have made a difference. There can be relevant art performances, as well as progressive science and technology exhibits.

One minute of silence worldwide in support of: 
• Finding personal peace 
• Bringing understanding in order to heal our differences 
• Uniting our world in peace 
• Caring for our earth and all people and living things fairly and effectively


Advantages to having this annual period of time...a time out so to speak to collectively reflect and focus on

  creating real and lasting positive world changes and moving away from destructive tendencies and towards individuals at peace


     It encourages the protection and furtherance of peace, human rights and the rights of all living things and environmental protection.

It will provide inspiration and be a source of pertinent information and education.

Individuals, groups, corporations, organisations, and nations will see actual ways to make changes,ways to connect with each other to form powerful partnerships for change.

People will gain mutual respect and appreciation for each other which will pave the way to establishing a more sustainable peaceful world.

Children will have positive role models and be inspired to be active and involved in the positive efforts to improve our world.They will become civically engaged with such things as the rights of children and protecting the environment.

It will focus the media on positive change and to communicate ways to work towards viable solutions to world problems.

The awards ceremonies will bring honour to the deserving and give incentive to individuals, groups, corporations, organisations and nations to aspire and strive towards peace and a healthy world. "Walk For The World" will provide a world stage to highlight what is being done by so many for a process of real and lasting peace. It will galvanise all these divergent efforts and forces and put the world spotlight on them so that we can all benefit. This effort can be a powerful tool to make a real and lasting peace.

This won't happen overnight, but each effort is extraordinarily valuable in moving away from destructive tendencies and towards individuals at peace and a world at peace. 




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